Thriving Neighbourhoods are HIP Developments

From the President of
Hip Developments

“We, as modern City builders, must realize our goal is a simple one – to boost happiness. So what exactly is it and how can we inspire its pursuit?

It cannot be simple contentment or the opposite of anguish. Ask numerous people in our city and you’ll find subjective and varied responses. Some may find it in a lively event, a riverside bike ride, flirting over a glass of wine or an evening with friends. One thing is common, we all translate our own idea of happiness into built form.

The Gaslight District is in our view, tied to the pursuit of happiness. Imagine music in the public square, a stroll along the river, a boutique market, wine on a patio or simply enjoying laughs with a new friend. Whether it be over a morning latte or a cold beer on a warm afternoon, being inspired by architecture, design and the spaces around us, if only for a moment, can have a lasting impact. Communal spaces create a truly happy city for us all to enjoy; and perhaps more importantly for our children to be inspired by.

It is therefore with considerable pride and unbiased hope that we launch The Gaslight District and are quite certain the outcome will be an amazing catalyst for a creative, fun and prosperous Downtown Galt.

It happens when we complete a home design project or choose where we live. It happens when an artist creates a new piece or an architect designs a landmark building. It happens when politicians, planners and community groups come together on new bridges, parks and monuments. It is impossible to separate the design of a City from the goal of happiness, to experience it, and to build it for society.”

Scott Higgins

HIP Developments

Honesty. Integrity. Pride of Workmanship (HIP). These are the values that we embrace in everything we do.

Our apartments aren’t just “buildings” – they’re homes. They are places where friends gather, families grow, and memories are made.

Welcome home, we know you’re going to love it.